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January 2018

First day in the new @venntro office in Windsor. After 8 years at Minton Place we’ve moved down the road.


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Microblogging / Paul Robert Lloyd

PRL on Facebook, Twitter, and IndieWeb technologies.

🎉 Jekyll’s default Minima theme now has #microformats baked in to its templates. Really pleased to see my pull request merged in the latest gem release. #indieweb

You know it’s bad for your football club when you’re getting trolled by Amazon’s marketing team…

Alexa, when was the last time Arsenal won the Premier League?

‘Superheroes don’t work 90-hour weeks’

Companies that run four-day weeks or reduced hours

Laws of UX

Nice visual guide to useful UX laws


London branding and design agency. Responsible for the recent Premier League rebranding.

Homebrew Website Club London — with Calum

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@barryf Aha thanks, I prefer Twitter though 😄

@PaulMMCooper No worries. Thanks for helping me learn about my local history.

The fascinating story behind the ruins we have in Virginia Water in this long thread of tweets:

(@PaulMMCooper - you need a blog!)

I’m coming

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test note post 05jan2018 i created this post at the original post contained only the above line. but i'm attempting to update this post and add this line at i chose the "edit all" button. it worked!!! using the micropubl…

5 simple messages to engage your customers

Rails Database Best Practices

Design words with data

How data informs our writing at Dropbox

Create A Landing Page With Google Spreadsheets, Sinatra, and Ruby

6 Rules To Live By When You Work In An Office But Have Remote Team Members

GSuite Toolbox Messageheader

Email message headers analyser

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Our Digital PM, @hayleyhinsley is speaking at @DeliverConf on the 25th. See her "Aim Wide, Not Just High" talk: