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Doing Presentations

Liked Stephen Rushe Stephen Rushe’s post “I forgot to mention that I released a ne…” on
I forgot to mention that I released a new indieweb ruby gem yesterday, indieweb-authorship (, an attempt to implement the Authorship algorithm ( I use it for webmentions,…


End-to-End Encrypted Cloud Storage for Businesses

Tips from 16 years of working from home

Advice from Matt Haughey

  1. First language: BBC BASIC
  2. Had difficulties: Assembly
  3. Most used: CFML (ColdFusion) and JavaScript
  4. Totally hate: ASP/VBScript
  5. Loved: HTML forever!
  6. For beginners: Ruby


Highly recommended: Stewart Lee’s Sharknado / Alan Bennett routine. Even better when the stage props fail.