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My Christmas tree decoration #christmastree #bahhumbug

Bah humbug vs baa humbug.

My Christmas tree decoration #christmastree #bahhumbug

How I over-engineered my home network for privacy and security

Unifi, Pi-hole, Cloudflare DoH and more


A heroku plugin for awesome pg:* commands that are also great and fun and super.

Clean advertising

Contextual advertising won’t be blocked. Contextual advertising is also more lightweight than behavioural advertising. Contextual advertising is far less creepy than behavioural advertising. And crucially, contextual advertising works.

Six years after I tried it and initially questioned the pricing, I guess Slack knew what they were doing. Not bad for a spin-off from a MMORPG.


reveal.js is an open source HTML presentation framework. It enables anyone with a web browser to create fully featured and beautiful presentations for free. Check out the live demo.

The framework comes with a broad range of features including nested slides, Markdown support, Auto-Animate, PDF export, speaker notes, LaTeX support, syntax highlighted code and much more.


Open Source SVG Library for AWS Services


Ruby library that pretty prints Ruby objects in full colo[u]r exposing their internal structure with proper indentation. Rails ActiveRecord objects and usage within Rails templates are supported via included mixins.


Easily include static pages in your Rails app

psql command line tutorial and cheat sheet

I’ve been using @tailwindcss for a few weeks and surprised myself by how much it clicked. Like many, I thought it was blasphemy, but building with it is fast and addictive. Happy to see dark-mode support and more in 2.0.

Tailwind Builder

Paid tool to create Tailwind layouts

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@barryf @_HAL_9OOO_ Have one since today and yes, it feels a little like the 80s! But the long Micro-HDMI and USB-C…

@schroederator Looking forward to getting hold of mine soon. Enjoy!

Product Manager Job Description | Silicon Valley Product Group

Useful job spec for a PM

I love the new Raspberry Pi 400 😍. Major nostalgia for my beloved Acorn Electron and other keyboard-computer micros from the eighties.

Raspberry Pi 400

Macaroni Cheese

Nigella’s recipe

How to send secrets to me [with GPG]


The Bullet gem is designed to help you increase your application’s performance by reducing the number of queries it makes. It will watch your queries while you develop your application and notify you when you should add eager loading (N+1 queries), when you’re using eager loading that isn’t necessary and when you should use counter cache.

Google OAuth with Node.js