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Centralized POTUS becomes censored in a Silo + FB helps AfD bastards + bots manipulate + WhatsApp is down++ time for
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Company @venntro has posted a new article on its developer blog detailing how the company organises remote working
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My phone is really my PC - that’s Primary Computer - and, as I’ve written numerous times, that’s where I do just about everything including 99.9% of my blogging, image manipulations and even coding. While I have an iPad I almost never use it; the pho…
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Why am I even bothering to watch this #ENGSVK
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Enough. I’m fed up with Disqus. It’s been useful, easy to plug on this blog, but it’s a mess for web performance, and I don’t own my data, so… bye bye. Webmention is now a great alternative, with more people implementing it, so let’s try to keep only…
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You can put your ODBC where the sun don't shine mate!
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Since I knew I wouldn't be able to get a good video/photo of the eclipse, and that plenty of other people would be taking good photos, I decided to make a video of all of us watching the eclipse instead! We found a nice spot about 30 miles south of…
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In last weeks IndieWeb newsletter I read a blogpost by Sven about having notifications for webmentions and such via IRC. He described more or less the setup I have too: using Aaron’s TikTokBot framework, running on the same machine as a private IRC s…
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Pretty much the most exciting teletext page of all time
Liked Mark Bennett™ Mark Bennett™’s post on Twitter
Pretty much the most exciting teletext page of all time
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Ok yes this is very exciting
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There’s a better way to own and control your online identity Why IndieWeb? Whether you’re starting a blog, building your personal brand, posting a resume, promoting a hobby, writing a personal journal, creating an online commonplace book, sharing pho…
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Nice surprise waiting for me this morning - thanks @venntro! Can't believe it's been 9 years!
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shpub is awesome. I can microblog to my website from the command line! #indieweb
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Thought I would noodle about with pubsubhubbub -> web push. Wanted to get updates via push
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In a world before social media, a lot of online communities existed around blog comments. The particular community I was part of – web standards – was all built up around the personal websites of those involved. As social media sites gained traction…
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Original Homebrew Computer Club newsletter
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