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T Incorporated

Interesting Django-powered personal site that aggregates content from the author’s social services


Lifestream site that aggregates you and your friends’ links, Twitter feed, etc. links. Facebook app too

Planet Erlang

NoseRub - The home of decentralized, social networks

Aggregate all your friends’ stuff in one place

scRUBYt! » Scrapin’ Google

Covers filling a textfield, extracting href attribute and crawling to the next page.

Cheap Airfare, Hotel Reservations, Car Rentals -

Searches 100+ travel sites to get widest selection of flights etc.

My Whole Life in Happy Little Folders, by Jeffrey Veen

Good approach to organising feeds into realistic folders


Cool start page app

Barry Frost on SuprGlu

Damn the SuprGlu people! This was my idea goddammit!

Read/Write Web: Feedburner's RSS Aggregator Market Share stats

BlogLines streets ahead - unfairly?

New popular sites

FeedLounge - the web-based feed reader redefined

Feed on Feeds

My own Bloglines with PHP/MySQL


Rich Internet Application Goodness