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Mobile app developers based in New York, recommended by @soffes


Mobile app development agency

While I’m a staunch BBC supporter/defender, I can’t see the need or fit for its new BBC+ portal-style app. Surely it only invites further criticism from commercial rivals?


I’m not a fan of screenshotting text for Twitter, but I love this app’s workflow.

Tokens for Mac: App Store promo codes without the hassle

Tokens makes it remarkably easy to generate, share, and track promo codes for your iOS and Mac apps.

Common App Rejections

Hybrid sweet spot

Basecamp’s approach to mobile apps: native navigation, web content

The App Business

Mobile app development company, London, UK - iPhone, Android & Windows developers

A Practical Guide to Web App Success - Free Book Online

App Showcase with Grid Overlay

For demonstrating a mobile app

Web Hosting For App Developers –

I especially like the advice on backing up databases via slaves.


Desktop WebKit wrapper for HTML/CSS/JS applications.

Structuring Sinatra Applications


Heroku iPhone app


Fast switching between Standard and HiDPI display modes. For testing of Retina graphics on your Mac


Distribute iOS/Mac/Android app builds to testers, get feedback, view analytics and review crash logs. Similar to TestFlight


iOS prototyping tool for Mac

Nezumi for Heroku

Manage Heroku apps from your iPhone


Cross-platform app framework. HTML5/CSS3/JS => Android, iOS, Chrome, Firefox, Safari & IE