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A time-based background job scheduler daemon (just like Cron) for Rails


Automatically “hires” and “fires” (aka “scales”) Delayed Job and Resque workers on Heroku. When there are no queue jobs, HireFire will fire (shut down) all workers. If there are queued jobs, then it’ll hire (spin up) workers.


Simple, efficient message processing for Ruby

Subtle Patterns

Free textures for web design

Sprite Cow - Generate CSS for sprite sheets

Gives you background-position, width and height for sprites within an image

Grid backgrounds for iPhone

Table cell backgrounds that work in Outlook

Add a background image to individual table cells in your email via proprietary Microsoft VML behaviours

1024 Square | Beautiful iPad wallpaper

Looped rain sound effect, perfect for productivity/sleep

Repeat-x Repeat-y

Repeating backgrounds

Effective Twitter Backgrounds: Examples and Current Practices

Dimensions, best practices and nice examples of backgrounds


Hide all other applications and dim the desktop background to help you focus

DD_belatedPNG: better PNG background-image support in IE6

Supports background-position and background-repeat

Using jQuery for Background Image Animations

Video Conversion in Ruby on Rails

InfoQ: Introduction to BackgrounDRb

For scheduled tasks in Rails