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@grayhaze I’ve been using Backblaze ( ) for a few years from my home iMac. It’s $5/month for unlimited backups. Happy to send you a referral link.

Free My Data

Download and save social media data. Quick reference to silos that support exporting data.


iPhone, iPad Music & File Transfer App for Mac & PC

How to back up your Gmail on Linux in four easy steps


Think Dropbox without the central server - it syncs files between your computers, hence “unlimited storage”.

Using OS X with an SSD plus HDD setup

Keep the OS on the SSD and then symbolic link to hefty folders on the HDD

Managing Heroku deployments

Multiple Heroku remotes, backups for rolbacks and auto tagging of deployments.


S3 backup for Mac

The Ultimate Dropbox Toolkit & Guide


Online backup service from £5/mo

Using rsync To Backup Files

(via @ioptics)

xtrabackup-0.3, binaries and stream backup

Hot backup InnoDB databases to a remote box via a stream

Aggregation and the Edge.

Paul Mison’s thoughts on aggregating your distributed content, like Tom Insam, Jeremy Keith, Phil Gyford and others. Dual purpose: for your personal website and also backup in case things all go Magnolia.

Twitter Export Script

Bulletproof Server Backups with Amazon S3


Change interval or set up periodic backups


Including how to make your backup Mac bootable. A complete swappable hard disc

Hivelogic - Regarding Backups

Backup strategies and options for Macs


Contacts/Calendar syncing across virtually everything

Knox—Simply secure encryption and backup for Macintosh computers

Create secure vaults, USB sticks and external drives