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London branding and design agency. Responsible for the recent Premier League rebranding.

Vinyl Impression

Vinyl Impression is a design-focused surface graphics specialist that produces superior quality large format digital prints.

Did the glass coverings for the GP office


Ready-made logos and brands for sale

Voice and Tone

Copywriting and tone-of-voice guidelines used by MailChimp

Branding: Google Visual Assets Guidelines

What’s in a Name?

Is it a condom or is it Android?

Names are more important than domain names

Tropicana Line's Sales Plunge 20% Post-Rebranding

That’s quite some drop off. Product recognition is so important. (via Kottke) On Wedding Design

Detailed story of how Cabel from Panic designed his wedding

Staff Photos

As Jon says, natural, warm photos work best

Brand New: The United States of Animalia

I love this logo, but as pointed out, it’s hardly unique and shows the wonderful Unilever logo.

Jeffrey Zeldman Presents : E-mail is not a platform for design


Skatey clothes site with character

Veerle's blog | The new Duoh! logo identity

How Veerle’s company evolved their new logo and brand

Little Known Ways to Brand on the Cheap: 99 Tips for Poor Web Startups

Brand New: Opinions on Corporate and Brand Identity Work

Interesting blog on brand/identity changes

Creating Passionate Users: How your product can inspire The Nod

“When we give The Nod to another, it’s NOT about the thing we have in common–it’s about what having that thing says about us.”

Is 37signals The New Google?

Identityworks: Reviews - Noteworthy identity work