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Bridgy's domain_blacklist.txt

Domains that don’t support webmentions. Mainly just the silos.

In reply to Ryan Barrett Ryan Barrett’s post on
POSSEing silo interactions is getting harder by the day, and Bridgy Publish is suffering as a result. We could fix this by adding an OwnYourGram-style PESOS option. Should we? If you’re going to own your posts on social networks, indieweb people p…

I’ve been forcing myself to like/repost tweets and Instagram photos exclusively through POSSE since 1st Jan. Although I get a self-righteous feeling of “correctness” it does take a few extra steps of copy-and-pasting URLs and I probably act on fewer things as a result.

Using PESOS for likes (and optionally reposts?) seems like an acceptable trade-off (I would still POSSE my replies). I already have a Micropub endpoint so in theory it should Just Work on my site, although I appreciate your audience is smaller for this. I’d certainly be happy to help test it.

New feature on this site courtesy of Bridgy: I can now “like” photos on Instagram. Using Quill I first post a like to an Instagram photo’s permalink. This is then sent to my site’s endpoint which creates the page and sends a webmention for Bridgy to notify Instagram. Meanwhile my site grabs the image thumbnail and title to display on my site.

For example: here’s a like from this morning:

All very easy. I just glue together the loosely coupled pieces.