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freerange/recap · GitHub


Run Capistrano recipes from a GitHub repo via a web interface

Deploying ExpressionEngine from GitHub with Capistrano

Exhaustive and thorough description of best practices » Deploying Wordpress to SliceHost using Capistrano and Git

Why Capistrano won't be supported on Windows

“Microsoft may be an 800lb gorilla, but it’s not my gorilla, and it’s not in my room. If you need to appease the gorilla, that is (with all due respect) not my problem.” Quite right. It’s open source: if people want it to work on Windows they can send modify and send patches.


Capistrano-like deployment tool. Uses Python

Time For A Grown-Up Server: Rails, Mongrel, Apache, Capistrano and You

Capistrano cheat sheet

EC2 on Rails

“Deploy a Ruby on Rails app on EC2 in five minutes”

Webistrano - Capistrano deployment the easy way

Manage Rails deployments to dofiferent environments using Capistrano

Campfire bots - SVN/Capistrano

Grinding Rails » Rails Guide

Everything from dev setup, Capistrano and hosting on TextDrive

Softies on Rails: The Absolute Moron's Guide to Capistrano

Shovel Lighttpd Deployment for TextDrive | Ruby on Rails for Newbies

A Capistrano deployment script to setup TextDrive for running Rails under Lighttpd

Managing Rails Versions with Capistrano

James Duncan Davidson: Deploying Rails with LightTPD

Includes Capistrano instructions