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codegent : White Label Dating

Portfolio page for the projects codegent have worked on for us

Topography/Embdedded Media Page

Common placing of elements on popular media sites

2007: More Web Design Trends

Cartoon characters, swirls/flourishes, broken borders, big RSS icons, textured designs, rich colours with grey background

James Clark's Random Thoughts: Thai personal names

Thorough breakdown of Thai names and each part’s significance

Adobe Delivers Flash Player 9 with H.264 Video Support

FP9 Updater 3 now available

Brooker's 10 Biggest Cocks in Advertising

The Perfect Cup of Tea (PDF)

For Matt and Lauren

Best of CSS Design 2007

It’s the end of the year and so time for a best of web design list. Although the “CSS” in the title almost put me off, this is great web design, not just great CSS design.

Blog of Subvert Marketing Inc. - The world’s top 10 interactive agencies

The criteria for entry seems to be how influential the agency is in terms of standards, accessibility, usability and other standardista stuff

Radiant Core: Blog: Deconstructing Facebook Beacon JavaScript

Very useful walkthrough of Beacon, cutting through the privacy furore and explaining the process

Screenshots And Details On Upcoming MySpace “News Feeds”

Chad Fowler's Facebooker

Elegant Ruby wrapper for the Facebook REST API

Joyent: Facebook Developer Program

Free year’s hosting on Joyent servers for Facebook apps

Amazon S3 in Europe - All Things Distributed

S3 storage coming to Europe

Been lightboxed lately? - (37signals)

Usage of lightboxes certainly polarises opinion. It’s fast becoming the Marmite of web 2.0 ™©®