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Flat UI colors

Wes Anderson Palettes

Perfect. Next thing I make I intend to use one of these palettes.


A collection of major brand color codes


Colour palette/scheme picker


Find complimentary shades of a base colour

The Meaning of Colour in Web Design

The separate meanings in different countries, eg red is life in Japan but danger in Europe (via Jon Hicks I think)

RGBA colors - CSS3

How to use RGBA - Safari 3/Webkit only for now

The Battle for Blue on Flickr

Corporate logos grouped by colour

Coding Horror: Computer Display Calibration 101

No, Dave, it’s just you » Blog Archive » How good is your color?

Test graphics to determine quality of your colour range

ColourMod - Dashboard - Developer

Useful colour picker widget. Similar to Photoshop’s

4096 Color Wheel Version 2.1

GrayBit v0.5 Beta: Grayscale Conversion Contrast Accessibility Tool

Remove colours from a web page - useful accessibility check

Color trends - Signal vs. Noise (by 37signals)

Hot new colours, according to Pantone

//// COLOURlovers :: loving colours since 1981

Colour Contrast Check -

Spectacle - Color Schemes