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The Terrible Sea Lion ("Sealioning")

a slang term referring to intrusive attempts at engaging an unwilling debate opponent by feigning civility and incessantly requesting evidence to back up their claims.


Community/discussion forum system

Rails has Two Default Stacks

  • the 37signals one (ERB, MySQL, MiniTest, fat models/skinny controllers) and the “prime” one (Haml, Postgres, RSpec, service layer)

Suspension, Ban or Hellban?

Killer idea to deceive scammers/trolls in a community. Hellbanning = invisible to other members but they believe they’re still active; Slowbanning = deliberate pageload delays introduced to frustrate them; Errorbanning = random error/http pages.

The Register comment guidelines 2010

Friendly, easy-to-understand guidelines for posting

socialmod - social media moderation

Service to moderate user supplied text or photos from a community or social media site. Uses Mechanical Turk.

Lovetastic // gay love personals: smarter, funkier, and full of romance.

Great looking gay dating site. Developed in Rails by a Rails agency owner

Share My Playlists

Spotify playlist directory/community. Could be very handy


Attractive marketplace for designers


Band websites with plenty of stats and geeky web stuff. From the guy behind Oddpost

Social Design Best Practices

…according to Google’s OpenSocial team

Drizzle, Clouds, "What If?"

A new project to create a slimmed down MySQL targeted at web apps - UTF8, InnoDB and no stored procedures or other guff


Reevo’s development team blog and open source project home

Community Engine

Social Networking Plugin for Rails


UK-based social review site, by Blue Flavor

Sermo a sign of a larger trend toward specialized social networks - Bokardo

EveryBlock: A news feed for your block.

Delicious looking locality info site. Evolved from

Planet Erlang

CommandShift3 - It's like Hot or Not for web design

Lovely design and quite fun to boot

Jelly -- Working together is more fun for everyone!

Co-working for people to work together at home. Good for freelancers it seems