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A list of engineering manager resource links

thoughtbot guides

A guide for programming in style.

Superbly detailed piece from our DPM @hayleyhinsley on how she continuously grooms our product backlog.

Flaws In Scrum And Agile


A list of engineering manager resource links.


Alexa Skill testing tool


A fully functional local AWS cloud stack. Develop and test your cloud apps offline


Commonly used features in a side-by-side format

Security Guide for Developers

Why most unit testing is a waste (PDF)

How to Deploy Software

Guardian Pairing Tests

Used by the Guardian during their developer recruitment process


Clef’s company handbook on GitHub

PHP: The Right Way

The JavaScript Encyclopedia: Special Characters

Five Questions

What to ask a team you lead when you’re new/learning and need to make decisions.

How can you do TDD with Swift?

Agile Software Development Process - 90 Months of Evolution

Developer Turned Manager

Writing tests is great, but a static type system is like a built-in test suite that catches all the ridiculous, pointless problems you waste time on every day, so that you can focus on the interesting ones.

Tom Stuart on static typing in Ruby