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Scaling Django

Detailed piece that focuses on Django but has lessons for everyone on scaling, caching, load balancing, queuing, sharding, etc.

Snakes on the Web

Fascinating article that journeys from the beginnings of the web to present day Python/Django, concurrency and the pain of launching web apps in 2009.

Using Django 1.0.2 with Google App Engine 1.2.3

You can now specify either 0.96 or 1.02 with GAE. You need to install Django locally for development

The Django Book: Version 2.0 (English)

V2.0 of the book for V1.0 of Django

Hosting toy Rails and Django apps using Passenger -

Didn’t realise Passenger also played with Django

djng—a Django powered microframework

Still requires Django’s libraries, but doesn’t require or

T Incorporated

Interesting Django-powered personal site that aggregates content from the author’s social services

Big list of Django tips (and some python tips too)

How Django processes a request

My CMS -

Tom Insam powers his own his own site with a custom CMS written in whatever language he’s playing with at the time. Currently Django. Slick Flickr/Delicious importy stuff

Django cheat sheet

(updated for 1.0)

Running Django on Google App Engine

(currently supports 0.96)

Using Django with Google App Engine

Introduction to Django

The Django Book

Free guide to developing with Django. Lovely site too

EveryBlock: A news feed for your block.

Delicious looking locality info site. Evolved from Rails vs Django

…and it’s a draw. I like the summary: it’s concise vs explicit

Ellington | The online publishing platform for newspapers.

Django-powered, from the Kansas Django Mafia. : Django performance tips

Also relevant for pretty much all websites/apps

magpiebrain - A comparison of Django with Rails