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Algolia DocSearch

Free search service. Crawls your documentation every 24 hours


Quick access to HTML, CSS and jQuery documentation

Scrum Student Resources

Recommended reading list for those embarking on Scrum

Creates docs, tests, validations and more for your API

jQuery source viewer

See the code and parameters behind jQuery functions

Introduction to Netflix API Documentation

How to document an API. Thoroughly


PHP Function Reference - Dashboard widget

Fluid Rails Docs on OSX

Documentation in a self-contained browser app

Rails 1.2.3 API with Ajax search

Mr. Neighborly's Humble Little Ruby Book

A second quirky but informative Ruby ebook


JavaDoc for ActionScript 2


Buy legal documents to setup UK companies - recommended by Ryan Carson at the Future of Web Apps conference

all in the head — Site Maps for Web Applications

Use a basic navigational map, an interaction flow diagram and a URI map

Wired News Design Documentation

Wonderfully detailed set of documentation for Wired’s 2002 redesign