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a more usable credit card form. Improve payment form, checkout, and ecommerce usability with JavaScript card number validation, credit card type detection, and more.

Card — make your credit card better in one line of code

When filling out a payment form it shows a fake card with your details/card scheme.


Online shop/store builder

Sift Science

Fraud tool that monitors traffic in real time to detect fraudulent activity


Take Direct Debit payments with only a 1% transaction fee. Well documented, clean API. Backed by RBS


Subscription and recurring billing service

Dummy credit card numbers

For testing past a site’s pre-validation stage


Checkout/e-commerce system as used by CulturedCode for purchasing Things

Online payments, gateway, merchant accounts and shopping cart services. Used by Lovestruck

Spreedly: The Easiest Way to Sell Subscriptions on your Site

Big Cartel

Shopping cart service for artists. Also, I like how the “Find out more >” link is reversed when you roll over the page.


Mobile phone payments. Rebilling, follow-up texts, signup by text.

"Oh bugger, Verified by Visa"

Or how terrible the 3D Secure/Verified by Visa/Mastercard SecureCode experience is for a consumer.


Love the web design, love the t-shirts

Software as a Service Rails Kit

Offers rebilling payments. Limited selection of gateways though.

Ask 37signals: How do you process credit cards?

Nightly centralised process. Failed charges are retried 3 days later and then 3 days after that and then the account is frozen.

Vitamin Features » How to price your web application

Fewer is better, but add value between jumps

Protx VSP Direct ActiveMerchant module

Hacker Safe: PCI compliancy, vulnerability scans, etc


Accessible E-commerce shopping cart software, CMS, XHTML, CSS, WCAG AAA