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HTML5 friendly Mac animation tool. Don’t mention the F word.


Library to support multiple file uploads using jQuery, Flash and PHP (in the examples).


Drop-in javascript library that allows HTML5’s audio tag to be used anywhere.


Real-time browser-server communication using WebSockets where available, falling back to Flash sockets where not

Say goodbye to Flash with our all new charts

They’ve moved to Raphael (JS charting library). Also interesting is the commentary on how they wanted to support the iPad and the considerations around :hovering and persistent detail/tips


Pure magic. A JavaScript library that parses a SWF and writes out animation as HTML and JavaScript. Hefty but amazing nonetheless.


Nice, clean Mac Flash blocker with whitelists

camen design · Video for Everybody!

Embed video in the new HTML5 way, but also provide a fall back for older/incompatible browsers

sIFR lite

Lightweight alternative to sIFR (untested)

Flare | Data Visualization for the Web

AS library for data visualisation in Flash

JW FLV Media Player

Can play any Flash video format - including h264

Activa Live Chat

Similar to Liveperson, but with a non-install front-end and a slick Flex interface

Adobe Delivers Flash Player 9 with H.264 Video Support

FP9 Updater 3 now available

Playing Video with JavaScript (AIR) | Kevin Hoyt Video Conversion in Ruby on Rails


HTTP/HTTPS/SSL Monitor/Proxy/Reverse Proxy

SoundManager 2: Javascript Sound for the Web

via a hidden SWF. Works well

flash enhancements - malevolent design weblog

Collection of how Flash can work well to improve the browser experience, not just via gratuitous bling

Tutorial for Flash MP3 Player

amCharts: customizable free flash charts