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Your Body Text Is Too Small

Better Google Web Fonts

Grouping the Google web fonts on one page


Monospaced font with programming ligatures


A sleek webfont containing 95 icons of all main payment operators and methods

Open Web Icons

Mono Social Icons Font

Free social media and web services icon font


250+ carefully crafted pictograms (icon font)


GitHub font icons for free use elsewhere.


Feather is a growing collection of beautifully simple icons. The set is packaged in PSD, CSH, SVG and Webfont format.

Clear Sans

Charts of popular and common font uses |

Adobe Edge Web Fonts

Upping Your Type Game

Web typography and choosing the right typeface


Beautiful web type - examples of the best Google web typefaces /via @sevenupcan

Modern Pictograms

Free icon font for embedding via @font-face


Clever idea: reasonably priced icon set that’s provided as an embeddable @font-face and also as the vectors.

The Great Typekit Table

List of fonts suitable for long blocks of text. No handwriting or monospace nonsense, plus indicates which work well on Windows

Cross-browser kerning-pairs & ligatures

text-rendering: optimizeLegibility; – on by default for Firefox above 20px; required for Webkit

30 Innovative And Creative Text Effect Tutorials