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Growing The Beard

When a TV series becomes noticeably better in quality, as demonstrated by Riker’s beard growing in Start Trek: TNG. Opposite of “Jumped the Shark”.

Max Events

Stag & Hen party weekends and corporate events in Bournemouth, Bristol and Oxford


Vic & Bob style handbaggery. Notable also as a great example of using HTML5 and webkit animation

noticings : the game of noticing things around you

Geotag and tag your photos with ‘noticings’ on Flickr to play the game. Points awarded daily for numerous known and unknown reasons.

BCE 7ft Black Cat Pool Table

Possibility for work games room

Prof. Engd's Étagère of Hypnopompic Hexadecimal Miniature Monsters

Pixel monsters!

Children's art offers unique perspective on climate change

Brilliant. Some wag has slipped a Goatse tribute into a gallery of children’s artwork representing climate change in the Guardian… unless, er, this is for real?

The Letters of Anthony Hopkins On Wedding Design

Detailed story of how Cabel from Panic designed his wedding

Things to say during sex

ASCII Pronunciation Rules for Programmers

Almost there. Brackets will always be “(” and “)”.

Streaming a Muxtape to external Airfoil speakers

“Peter is using Fluid to run Muxtape as a pseudo-standalone application and Airfoil to stream the audio around his house.”

Archie In… A Different Class!

Archie comic text panels rewritten with Pulp lyrics

Where Did It All Go Right? Andrew Collins

MP references Shed Seven multiple times in Commons speech and yet denies it. Boo him.

CommandShift3 - It's like Hot or Not for web design

Lovely design and quite fun to boot

A Nice Cup of Tea by George Orwell

Coding Horror: Don't Forget To Lock Your Computer

The act of vandalising someone’s unlocked computer is called “goating” apparently

men who look like old lesbians

Things that you can touch and those which you cannot

lolinator: i can haz websiet? - malevolent design weblog

Take a normal website and make it LOLcats tastic