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Pass in box sizes and get back sizes and coordinates for a justified layout

slick - the last carousel you'll ever need


Simple, lightweight, jQuery photo viewer/gallery

Media Queries

Gallery of responsive web designs that adapt to the viewport

jQuery.popeye 2.0

Inline alternative to lightboxes, with gallerys, scaling out and captions

Simplest jQuery Slideshow

More than 100,000 icons in one place

The PhotoBoard Tumblr Theme. Designed by Ben Delaney.

Lovely photos/links Tumblr theme

Theme Garden | Tumblr

Forget the themes, the Tumblr gallery page itself is gorgeous

CSSiPhone — Screens for all your iPhone needs.

Gallery of iPhone specific web design


Screenshots from numerous GUIs broken down by versions. Includes RISC OS.


Love the web design, love the t-shirts

FancyBox - jQuery image zooming plugin

Yet another image zoomer but still quite sexy