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noticings : the game of noticing things around you

Geotag and tag your photos with ‘noticings’ on Flickr to play the game. Points awarded daily for numerous known and unknown reasons.

WORLD MAP - countries of the world

Flash game/resource where you click on countries to get their names | Fresh Nintendo DS Icons

For Mario Kart

Quinn - Tetris for the Mac - Sonic the Hedgehog

Sonic animated gifs, wavs and midis


“Deskduck is a nearest thing you can get, excepting other stuff with better ducks, to having a duck inside your own computer.” Reminds me of something similar I had on my Archie back in the day

Codemasters : Games : Sensible Soccer - PS2

Sensi Soccer - the greatest footy game ever ™ - new version coming soon!

Logitech Driving Force games

Game compatibility list for Sue’s Logitech Driving Force steering wheel/pedals


Addictive Flash bubble-collecting game

Flickr Sudoku

Using Flickr photos instead of numbers