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Static site generator for React. Uses GraphQL to transform data sources into static content (and PWA).


The ultimate company name, startup name and website name on the web


Generate terms of use, privacy policy and other legal documents

Speed Up Your Web Development Workflow with Cactus for Mac

Describes using a Mac-based site generator app. Clever reloading of browser windows when files are saved.

Hammer for Mac

Static site generator app that compiles SASS, HAML, CoffeeScript, Markdown, etc.


Ruby static site generator, supporting HAML, SASS and more. Use before filters, layouts, helpers and more. Can even run as a server.


Ruby site compiler that generates static HTML from Markdown, Textile, Haml, etc.

Grid Designer 2

Enter widths, gutters and/or number of columns and this tool will work out the dimensions you need to use. It can also export CSS for the layout and also typography, aligned to a baseline grid

Free Website Thumbnail Generator Service | ShrinkTheWeb

The Twat-O-Tron

Similar to Chris Applegate’s Daily Mail-o-matic, generate your own Middle Englander, right-wing, bigoted, small-minded, illiterate comments.

hCard to vCard generator/translator


Automatic shadow maker for Google Maps icons


Make fake data - useful for screenshots or examples


Simple website that makes favicons

Let them sing it for you

Type words and it will play sound clips of the words from music

Dynamic CSS | Ruby on Rails for Newbies

Sass: plugin to support dynamic CSS in Rails

Strong Password Generator


Alternative to RMagic

Ajaxload - Ajax loading gif generator

Useful when you need an indicator for different backgrounds