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Sign in (or up) with Google for Rails applications – Ruby gem by DHH

Better Google Web Fonts

Grouping the Google web fonts on one page


Open source graph database from Google

Google Web Fundamentals

“Web Fundamentals is a comprehensive resource for multi-device web development.”

Branding: Google Visual Assets Guidelines

Inside Google's quirky new London headquarters

Beautiful web type - examples of the best Google web typefaces /via @sevenupcan

Site speed affects search ranking

Google: “we’ve decided to take site speed into account in our search rankings”

Speed Tracer

Chrome extension that visualises JavaScript parsing/execution, layout and CSS timings

CDN Catalog

List of Google/Yahoo/Microsoft hosted JavaScript libraries, including jQuery and SWFObject chaff. Introducing docent.

Building a Google App Engine powered site with the Flickr API

FeedBurner Socialize: Add Your Feed to Twitter

Instead of using Twitterfeed, use FeedBurner’s integrated Twitter posting. Added bonus: supports use of PubSubHubbub so that Twitter is instantly updated

Rails 2.3.5 on App Engine

A simple how-to

Google Analytics goes async

Needs a change to the Javascript and then its tracking code is loaded asynchronously

Google interview questions

I think I’d enjoy being asked and asking these.

Google does not use the keywords meta tag in web ranking

End of argument

Developer's Guide - Google AJAX Libraries API

List of the Javascript libraries that Google hosts

Google (XML) Sitemaps Generator for WordPress

Google Web Elements

Embed Google things (maps, calendars, searches, comments, etc.) on your site

Scheduled Tasks With Cron for Python - Google App Engine - Google Code

I think I’ll be using this. I especially like the natural language way of specifying the cron jobs - “every 5 minutes” for example