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Useful HTML attributes and advice from @adactio when dealing with 2FA and authentication, e.g. on password change forms, use autocomplete="current-password" and autocomplete="new-password" to distinguish the input controls.

Password Masking

Single-page site presenting a study into the effects of showing vs masking a password when entering it in an input field. In summary:

Clear text passwords do increase usability, but don’t force the change upon your customers. Offer it as an option and let them use it when they feel comfortable.


Regexes for use in HTML5 input fields for things like postcodes and credit card numbers. Useful regex resource in its own right.

DatePicker - jQuery plugin


Enter a date using natural language

CSS2/DOM - Styling an input type="file"

LiveValidation - Validation as you type

Skip Checker (Quarter Life Crisis)

Fun with new Macs’ motion sensors