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Reincubate Camo

Use your iPhone as a webcam on your Mac. Free version adds watermark and is limited to 720p. Pro version has filters, 1080p and costs £35.

Pre-ordered an iPhone 11 Pro earlier this afternoon, silver, 256GB. And so begins the passing down of devices through the family.

I seriously considered the 11 but have been spoiled by the OLED screen on my X and didn’t want to downgrade to LCD.


Mobile Phone, iPhone and Tablet Repair in London

Even though I’ve read all the “spoilers”, I’m still excited for today’s iPhone X announcement. Time for Apple to shine.


Nice iPhone homescreen wallpaper/background

Deregister and Turn Off iMessage

iOS Devices for


iPhone, iPad Music & File Transfer App for Mac & PC

Just tried out a paper iPhone 6 Plus in my front pocket to see if it fits. Sadly far too big: it peeks out the top.

iOS Devices for

Nezumi for Heroku

Another Heroku iPhone app. Includes console and logs.


Heroku iPhone app

Blrrr | Blrrry iOS 7 wallpapers

The iOS Apprentice

Learn iPhone and iPad Programming via Tutorials (Ray Wenderlich)

iOS Device Summary: iOS 7 Update

Processors, screen size and iOS version support

UI8 iPhone showcase (video) template

Template for building a demo of an iPhone app. Requires Adobe After Effects/Photoshop

Nezumi for Heroku

Manage Heroku apps from your iPhone

In App Purchases: A Full Walkthrough

(Unverified) guide to setting up and testing in-app purchases for iOS devices


Control your Mac with an iPhone, iPad or iPod. Keyboard, multi-touch trackpad and remote

Testpad - iOS App Store Submission Checklist