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iOS 5 GUI PSD (iPhone 4S)

For designing for the retina display (640x960)

Time Flies

iOS app that shows how long it’s been since you did something, e.g. 7 days since I last called my parents

Mobile UI Patterns

Screenshots of common design patterns on mobile (mostly iPhone)

SHAPE » apps in perfect shape

Developers of the new Songkick iPhone app

Prototypes — Bring your mockups to life

Creates tappable, animated mockups from images that can be browsed on an iPhone for a client demo

Grapple Mobile

iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Symbian, etc. mobile app developers.As used on The Apprentice

Designing for iOS: Life Beyond Media Queries

Tips for targeting iPhones/iPods including orientation, zooming, special icons and hiding toolbars


Instant Notifications for Facebook, Twitter, Email and More – alternative to Notifo

Captio for iPhone

Fast-loading simple app that emails a note to you with optional photo attachment


Mac iTunes mini controller with scrobbling, themes and a companion iPhone app for controlling playback of music (reverse Remote)

MoviePeg™ — the no-hand stand for movies and more

For iPhones and now also iPads


Launches windows to simulate the viewports of small devices (iPhone, iPad, etc.) for fluid layout testing

Grid backgrounds for iPhone

CSS for iPhone 4

Targeting iPhone 4 with HTML link tag


Push notifications to your mobile. API service, hooks in GitHub too.

Sencha Touch

Sencha (new name for ExtJS) provides a mobile web app Javascript framework that delivers an iOS-like experience, but also on Android touch devices.

The End of :hover?

Relying on an input device allowing hovering is increasingly dangerous - touch devices can’t support :hover

Web Development For The iPhone And iPad: Getting Started

Overcommitted... to apps we love.

iPhone app agency. Ember, Tripmix and Skitzy

The Best Designed iPhone Apps

Screenshots and descriptions of beautiful iPhone apps