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Guardian's travel and holiday website list

The Great Typekit Table

List of fonts suitable for long blocks of text. No handwriting or monospace nonsense, plus indicates which work well on Windows

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How to Effectively Manage Your (Huge) Todo List | Think Vitamin

Valuable insights from Ryan Carson, especially the quote “Your inbox is a todo list that anyone in the world can write to.” Must try these tips out.

Theme Garden | Tumblr

Forget the themes, the Tumblr gallery page itself is gorgeous

The Setup on waferbaby

Hardware/software used by noteworthy geeks at work and home

Top 100 Albums of the 1990s | Pitchfork

Dating Toolbox: 120 Sites For Singles To Find Love

Posted back in April, but still useful. Includes Singles365 and

The 7 Stages of Scaling Web Apps

Eek. We’re at stage four. Are there really three more to go?

GTD Software Online for Getting Things Done » Vitalist

Web-based with a free plan