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I would love the option to check in via @foursquare when I use my @getmondo card. I may not have signal but Mondo knows where card is used.


iOS app and webservice for tracking/storing your own location


WonderProxy provides HTTP proxies around the world to help you test GeoIP web applications. This paid service makes testing and re-testing applications from around the world fast and easy.


Ruby gem for querying’s GeoIP database, which returns the geographic location of a server given its IP address

Building a simple IP geolocation service

JSON format geocoding service using MaxMind data. Source available on GitHub


A geo-fence is a virtual perimeter for a real-world geographic area. Location-aware devices send notifications when they enter/exit the area.

Geospatial Indexing - MongoDB

Now supports “order by distance from”

Tom Taylor : Projects : Clarke

Small Mac menubar app that updates your FireEagle location. Not much use unless you’ve got a laptop of course

Get Lat Lon - find the latitude and longitude of a point on a map

Drag a gmap around and get the lat/lon - Obtaining a user's geographical location based on their IP with GeoIP and ColdFusion

Simple guide to implementing MaxMind’s free/commercial GeoIP service using Brandon’s prepared JAR. Worked first time and finished integration within an hour.

How To Make An IP-To-Country Tool With PHP and MySQL

MarcoPolo - Automatic location switching for Mac OS X

Based on surrounding evidence, MarcoPolo guesses where you are and switches your location