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Email newsletters with free 1,000 subscribers/month plan

Create A Landing Page With Google Spreadsheets, Sinatra, and Ruby

How Shopify Increased Revenue 90% In 365 Days

Effective B2C marketing techniques


A checklist of tactics for marketing your side projects.


Intercom-like marketing chat system

Good Copy

Email copy from great companies

I get spam: “It’s been a busy few weeks for us here at [marketing spam co]” Not as busy as it’s been for my Report Spam shortcut fingers…

App Store Marketing Guidelines

Button Frog

Custom buttons (badges) with international shipping for larger orders


Piwik is the leading open source web analytics platform

Four essential rules for customer emails

Time etc

Get tasks done by carefully hand-picked people in the UK. Pay only for completed work. Virtual Assistants, Writers, Marketing assistants and more

Send email based on what people do or don’t do in your app

Capture user interest with the Lead Generation Card

Adds a card to subscribe followers to your newsletter

Email Patterns for Web Apps

“25 Emails You Should Send to Your Users”

Branding: Google Visual Assets Guidelines

Statistics for fun and profit (and analyzing split tests)

Being a little more scientific about setting up and interpreting A/B tests

Judging Websites

…and homepage tips and essentials

ForeSee Results

Surveys, feedback, customer experience analytics. Used by the Guardian.

How Not To Sell Software in 2012

It should be as easy as humanly possible to try it, pay for it, and start using it in production.