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Micropublish now supports the proposed Micropub extension for Channels. If your server’s endpoint responds to ?q=channel, or your config has a channel property, you can use the new field.

While my current site doesn’t use channels, I’ve designed page management in my new, work-in-progress server to use the new proposal.

Micropublish: IndieAuth updates and supported properties feature

Yesterday I pushed a new release of Micropublish to include recent updates for clients to the IndieAuth specification, as summarised in Aaron Parecki’s IndieAuth 2020 write-up.

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In reply to Jamie Tanna Jamie Tanna’s post “Creating a Personal IndieAuth Server” on
I've completed my implementation of an IndieAuth v1.1 server, which has been a goal of mine for some time. IndieAuth is a great standard for being "OAuth for the Open Web", and within the IndieWeb community, it's seeing some great investment and dive…

Judging by the screenshot, it looks like I need to make some IndieAuth updates to Micropublish. Shamed!

Micropublish v2.3.0

I’ve pushed a biggish update to Micropublish to bring it to v2.3.0. It includes some of the stable and experimental Micropub extensions discussed in the IndieWeb pop-up session I joined earlier this year.

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In reply to Marty McGuire Marty McGuire’s post “Site-Updates: Easier POSSE with Micropub…” on
Jonathan Prozzi and I have challenged one another to make a post about improving our websites once a week. This one should have gone up last week! A few weeks ago I posted some thoughts about my IndieWeb setup called "Easier POSSE with Mi…

Thanks, Marty! You’ve made my day seeing Micropublish being used productively! And that’s the same workflow I use if I want to hand-craft a tweet rather than rely on my site to trim the content.

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Trying out – another online Micropub client besides the Quill one. Great to be able to pick between different ones and this one feels to be especially great for those who constructs their own Micropub endpoints as it very cl…
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@voxpelli I was just reading that! Sure, I’ll take a look and file a report for Micropublish.

@chrisaldrich I’m excited to hear how you get on too. Let me know if there are any rough edges for you.

I kept the original version at for backwards compatibility for you. Does the new version work well for Sweetroll?

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Last week, Barry Frost released Micropublish, a Micropub client written in Ruby. It's a very slick interface for posting a few kinds of posts. I noticed that his "category" field looked really nice, and discovered that he was using a Bootstrap p…

Pushed my Micropub client live - Micropublish - just in time for the new year. Now time for a few drinks. Happy NY!

Micropublish 2

Today I pushed a rebuild of my Micropub client, Micropublish, live to The source is on GitHub. 

I’ve squeezed it out just before the end of 2016 so that I meet my IndieWeb commitment. For the first time I’m now able to edit posts on this site and delete (or undelete) them if needed. 

There are a couple of things I want to improve, but it’s ready for use. If you have a compatible site I’d welcome you to kick the tyres and let me know how you get on.

My 2017-01-01 IndieWeb commitment is to complete my rewrite of Micropublish to support Micropub updates, deletes and undeletes. My site’s Micropub endpoint supports these methods so I now need to bring my client up to date.