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Microsoft’s best practices for RESTful API design

Outlook for iOS/Android:

Very nice. Whisper it, but it may be time to look again at Office 365 vs Google Apps.

Remote Test IE

Log in with a Microsoft account and then remote-desktop to the latest version of IE

Microsoft BizSpark

Startup scheme for MS developers: free software and tools (with a few caveats)

Bootswatch: Cosmo

Metro-style Bootstrap theme

Table cell backgrounds that work in Outlook

Add a background image to individual table cells in your email via proprietary Microsoft VML behaviours

CDN Catalog

List of Google/Yahoo/Microsoft hosted JavaScript libraries, including jQuery and SWFObject

Why Capistrano won't be supported on Windows

“Microsoft may be an 800lb gorilla, but it’s not my gorilla, and it’s not in my room. If you need to appease the gorilla, that is (with all due respect) not my problem.” Quite right. It’s open source: if people want it to work on Windows they can send modify and send patches.

First look at Windows 7's User Interface

Meh… (spoken like a Mac fanboy)

jQuery and Microsoft

jQuery now being pushed by MS from Visual Studio

Making Internet Explorer use PNG Alpha transparency

I’d always thought this trick didn’t work for CSS backgrounds but apparently not so. To test…

A Comprehensive Look at the New Microsoft (Vista) Fonts

  • also supplied with Office 2007

Life at Google - The Microsoftie Perspective « Just Say “No” To Google

Interesting ideas regarding food and private space

Download details: IE App Compat VHD

VirtualPC images for testing IE6/7

Mac Mojo : Converters Coming! Free and (Fairly) Fast.

Marvellous. Means I can now open those damn .docx files…

SitePoint Blogs » Microsoft Breaks HTML Email Rendering in Outlook 2007

More commentary on the Outlook 2007 HTML debacle

Microsoft takes email design back 5 years - Campaign Monitor Blog

Inexplicably Outlook 2007 won’t support background images, background colours, floats, position and screws up the box model. It actually uses the Word rendering engine! New Remote Desktop client released by Microsoft

Faster, nicer, dual screen support


Play iTunes music and view iPhoto photos using an Xbox 360 connected to your network

Create Letterhead Templates in MS Word