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Another fast, lightweight web server for Ruby

Thin - yet another web server

Minimal web server that glues Mongrel and Rack

Time For A Grown-Up Server: Rails, Mongrel, Apache, Capistrano and You


Unix system management and monitoring. Is used by some Railsers to restart naughty Mongrels


Lightbox JSON web app server framework, built on Ruby

Brightbox - Ruby on Rails hosting

New VPS (or Virtual Dedicated Server as they call it) Rails host based in the UK. Tight website and nice gem-based deployment

caboose Scale rails from one box to three, four and five

Recommendations on how to scale (Rais) apps from tiny to large

Merb Docs - File: README

(Mongrel + Erb)

Rails on Apache Mongret

Setup a Production Ready Ruby on Rails Application Over Apache and Mongrel


HTTP lib/server for Ruby. Ideal for RoR.