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rtop is an interactive, remote system monitoring tool based on SSH


API performance monitoring

Monitoring CPU and memory usage from Postgres


An open-source service monitoring system and time series database.

Hooking up Statsd, Graphite and Nagios to Create Metrics Based Alerts


Website Uptime Monitoring & Alerts – Free Unlimited Downtime Monitoring

How to monitor nginx


“Track exceptions with modern error logging for JavaScript, Python, Ruby, Java, and Node.js”. Alternative to Airbrake?

Server Density

Server and application monitoring and cloud management


Scalable distributed monitoring system for high-performance computing systems such as clusters

Functional Monitoring with Listerine

Metrics-Driven Engineering at Etsy

A fantastic insight into Etsy’s ops/engineering teams and how they bake metrics collection and monitoring into everything they do


Monitor APIs with scripted, multi-step tests. Reporting, analysis and alerting. Used by Twitter for their API.


Phone call and SMS alerts for monitoring a live system. Includes rotas and scheduling.

Radish: Dig Deep Into Redis

Redis analysis and monitoring service that uses a daemon to break down frequency of commands/keys/namespaces, averages, memory usage, etc.

System Monitor | Sage Pay

No longer requires a login

Stashboard: The open source status dashboard

Provides a historic record of service availability for APIs or SaaS apps. Runs on Google App Engine.

Jet Profiler for MySQL

Java desktop MySQL profiler using native commands such as SHOW PROCESSLIST

Google Apps Status Dashboard

Just in case they have another day of pain

Code: Flickr Developer Blog » Counting

RRDTool/Ganglia for analysis at Flickr. Counts to a log over UDP.