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Cloudflare’s speed test tool


Visualise app delivery from global locations

Vaurien, the Chaos TCP Proxy

Vaurien is basically a Chaos Monkey for your TCP connections. Vaurien acts as a proxy between your application and any backend. You can use it in your functional tests or even on a real deployment through the command-line.

WiFi Explorer

Private Eye

Free network monitor for Mac. Buy Radio Silence to block and manage the firewall


Much cheaper tariffs, plus unlimited texts and data. Runs on O2’s network

Network Link Conditioner in Lion

Useful new tool for testing mobile apps that emulates a slower network connection, with presets for 3G and Edge. Comes with Lion/XCode 4.1.

The Real Life Social Network v2

Slide deck by an ex-Google+ designer on the challenges of designing social networks that respect our individual groups of contacts with differing strengths of relationship and privacy needs.

See how quickly a page loads in a remote browser. Includes a waterfall chart (web inspector?) and screenshots captured throughout the loading process.


Mobile ad exchange network


A visualisation and exploration platform for all kinds of networks and graphs: make pretty pictures from your node/edge databases.

Listorious: Discover the Best Twitter Lists

Ning Blog » The End of the Red Light District

Ning is ending support for adult social networks, citing lack of advertising revenue, illegal content, and legal headaches over frequent copyright violations

Portable Social Networks, The Building Blocks Of A Social Web

Good summary of many of the social buzzwords flying around

Port Map and TCMPortMapper

Free app from the Coding Monkeys

Community Engine

Social Networking Plugin for Rails


Free DNS, Static DNS, Dynamic DNS, URL Redirection


“Munin the monitoring tool surveys all your computers and remembers what it saw. It presents all the information in graphs through a web interface.”

Worldwide Social Network Market Share

How different areas of the world prefer different social networking apps. It’s not just about Facebook…

Webmaster.Info : AOL Proxy Info

Information about the evil AOL mega proxy, including IP address ranges you can expect