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Send messages when you’re back online with Service Workers and Background Sync

Getting Started with Node.js (for Cocoa developers)

Form an orderly queue!

Async queueing of sync calls in JS/Node.js

AWS SDK for Node.js

The Trello Tech Stack

EM vs Node

Comparison of EventMachine and Node.js for async. Also discusses frameworks and tools built on top of each.


Simplifies event programming in JavaScript with await and defer keywords. Apparently good for Node.js


Asynchronous BDD for Node.js


Another graphing tool for visualising time series data. Built with MongoDB and Node.js

Express - node web framework

…a bit like Sinatra for Node.js


Node.js and Ruby hosting service, similar in concept and pricing to Heroku (simple free plan)

Felix's Node.js Guide

Beginner’s guide, style guide and other tips


Using node.js, backbone.js,, and redis to make a real time chat app


Real time traffic visualisation

Ajax IM

A free, open-source, extensible, customisable instant messaging framework, based on PHP and node.js.