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How FriendFeed uses MySQL to store schema-less data


Open source project that aims at developing a recommendation framework based on graph data sources

Screencast: using ruby to add schema-less data to PostgreSQL

With hstore you can add schema-less data to PostgreSQL. This allows you to store model attributes without creating separate database columns. Watch how to do this using the activerecord-postgres-hstore gem.


Scalable, distributed, master-less database designed to work in the cloud.

Redis: Zero to Master in 30 minutes - Part 1


An interesting-looking schemaless, distributed, RESTful search engine, built on top of Lucene, with built-in support for multi-tenancy, data sharding, failover and automatic state restoration /via @timblair

Redis tutorial, April 2010 - by Simon Willison

Redis cheat-sheet v1.0

A handy three-page document covering all of Redis’s commands and what they do

Cassandra @ Twitter: An Interview with Ryan King « myNoSQL

How Twitter is using Cassandra, but also insights into how they develop and roll out new features.

Geospatial Indexing - MongoDB

Now supports “order by distance from”

Saying Yes to NoSQL; Going Steady with Cassandra

Commentary of Digg’s move from MySQL to NoSQL through Cassandra

<3! — How to install MongoDB on OS X

Why I think Mongo is to Databases what Rails was to Frameworks

Redis in Practice: Who’s Online?

Using Redis sets to store a collection of user IDs for who’s online style functionality


Persistent key-value database with libraries in all main languages