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Great memories of Chelmsford and gigs in my youth listening to @BBClamacqshow earlier tonight: The Army & Navy, The Y and @BassmentBar

Beating Snake

Animated gif showing Nokia’s Snake game being completed

Where Did It All Go Right? Andrew Collins

MP references Shed Seven multiple times in Commons speech and yet denies it. Boo him.

ThinkGeek :: The ThinkGeek 8-bit Tie

You don’t have to be a miserable emo kid to wear it though

Commercial Breaks and Beats :: The UK TV Advert Music Database

Find songs used in UK adverts - Sonic the Hedgehog

Sonic animated gifs, wavs and midis

Geek in the Park - When the geeks come out to play.

In Leam, with the evening event at the Jug!

Acorn revived to launch laptop PCs

New Acorn boxes! Hurrah! Running Windows XP! Boo!

Gene setlist

The last gig ever. Seems like yesterday - Web 2.0 Bullshit Generator

It seems like yesterday that I was emailing people Dack’s original Web Economy Bullshit Generator…


“Deskduck is a nearest thing you can get, excepting other stuff with better ducks, to having a duck inside your own computer.” Reminds me of something similar I had on my Archie back in the day

Codemasters : Games : Sensible Soccer - PS2

Sensi Soccer - the greatest footy game ever ™ - new version coming soon!

Chaucery Blog: Doctor Who's very special effects

Doctor Who screencaps show assembler/BASIC code on screen to produce effects

Gene - 'You'll Never Walk Again' -

Oh Gene, how I loved thee so. Following the demise of Olympians Online this looks like the last bastion of Gene news. Sob.