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You’re working in the wrong place

Alternatives to open offices

Open plan offices are basically terrible in every way


Virtual phone lines with local numbers

Soho is the new Shoreditch: this map shows where startups are looking for workspace


Find the perfect office for your startup in London. Coworking, shared & private offices in London

Vinyl Impression

Vinyl Impression is a design-focused surface graphics specialist that produces superior quality large format digital prints.

Did the glass coverings for the GP office


Visitor registration on the iPad. Prints labels and notifies through Slack

New Bamboo Office

SlatePro - Personal TechDesk by Nathan Mummert — Kickstarter

Simply Aeron

UK supplier of refurbished Aerons

Project Looking Glass

Office-to-office video screens using Raspberry Pis

Inside Google's quirky new London headquarters

From Cubicles, Cry for Quiet Pierces Office Buzz

“The original rationale for the open-plan office, aside from saving space and money, was to foster communication among workers […] But it turned out that too much communication sometimes had the opposite effect”

Open plan offices reduce productivity by 66%


Shared office and networking space in Silicon Roundabout


Coworking and networking shared office space on Commercial Street, London.

Groupon Office Tour

Photos from the end of 2010, back before the IPO and before Google offered billions to buy it. Are they really this happy or are they trying just a little too hard?

The (new) Campaign Monitor office

More office porn. Especially love catered lunches and shared dining area.

We're looking for an Office Manager / Executive Assistant - (37signals)

Perfect task-based job ad for an office assistant - who we’re looking for, what you would have done in the last week and then other duties.