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Generate PDFs in Ruby

How do you estimate on an Agile project?

ThoughtWorks PDF book

UK code of practice for the self-regulation of new forms of content on mobiles (pdf)

The Little Manual of API Design (PDF)


Display PDFs within Mac Firefox, just like Safari

Prototype cheatsheet

ColdFusion support matrix

Now including 64-bit support - but Enterprise/Developer only

Prototype cheat sheet


PDF indexer and organiser with features for creating a paperless office

The Perfect Cup of Tea (PDF)

For Matt and Lauren

HTML/CSS to PDF using Ruby on Rails

RESTful Rails Development Guide (pdf)

Creating Printable Documents with Ruby

PDF::Writer guide

A First Guide to PostScript

Includes code examples

LiveCycle Portal

For PDF generating/Distiller/PostScript stuff

PDFCreator |

Free PDF-creating printer driver

File Juicer

Extract images from PDF, PowerPoint, Word, Excel and other files on Mac OS X

Belle Nuit HTMLBook

Make PDF books from HTML files