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'Smartphone by default' internet users

A qualitative research report conducted by ESRO for Ofcom


Virtual phone lines with local numbers

T-Mobile USA prepaid mobile phone SIM card

Beating Snake

Animated gif showing Nokia’s Snake game being completed

Anonymous Call Rejection

Block any calls with BT if there’s no caller ID. For if the cold calls get too much…


UK company offering virtual switchboard, IVR and virtual numbers


Phone call and SMS alerts for monitoring a live system. Includes rotas and scheduling.

Cloudvox - API-driven phone calls, in minutes (call your code: AGI/AMI, HTTP, Asterisk-Java, Adhearsion)


Mobile phone payments. Rebilling, follow-up texts, signup by text.

Apple Firmware 1.1.3 un-bricks iPhones

Sending SMS messages from your Rails application — Luke Redpath

Using Clickatell, a UK friendly SMS gateway

Framework that sits on top of Asterisk and provides Ruby meta language, database integration, etc.

Opera Mini™ 4 beta

Nokia - iSync - Software - Get support and software

iSync plugins for most of Nokia’s range

Asterisk at Home or Asterisk at Work in 30 MINUTES :: AsteriskNOW |

Open source IP PBX (VOIP) GUI and Linux distro built on Asterisk Weblog: Comments for ‘Bobo and the iPhone’

Brent’s right. I can’t look at any other phone without thinking “bobo” and yet I can’t get one until next year at the earliest :(


The best thing ever. SMS status thingy.

SAYNOTO0870.COM - Non-Geographical Alternative Telephone Numbers

Find the alternatives for UK non-geographic numbers. Also works for 0800, 0808, 0844, 0845, 0870 and 0871.

Apple - Mac OS X - iSync - Devices

Check this before buying a new phone

DaoPay Payment Systems

Micropayment solution - pay using your phone voice bill