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Random GitHub project name generator


Product roadmapping

How we do… Retrospectives

(by SoundCloud)


“Depot unites your customer relationships, projects, timetracking, invoicing and analysis. All your data (and all Depot features) are available from your desktop or mobile device.”


Time-tracking tool with support for teams and budgets


Plan and share software project progress within teams or businesses to help communicate roadmaps

Life inside Facebook: how head of developers organises 500 people

1-2 month projects, 100 simultaneous, 80% focused on growth, 20% on revenue. Product dev make the decisions: reduce friction. Financial/sensitive areas have automated tests to protect.

The Agile Inception Deck

10 questions to ask at the start of your next project

Daily Stack

Wooden blocks of time for work, play and rest placed on a sensor and used for time countdowns.


Bug Tracking Software, Scrum Project Management

On Working Remotely

Real-time chat, video/voice, persistent mailing list, Monday meetings with minutes


Gerrit is a web based code review system, facilitating online code reviews for projects using the Git version control system.

Hosting toy Rails and Django apps using Passenger -

Didn’t realise Passenger also played with Django

Rails Boost: Rails Template Generator

Makes a custom Rails 2.3 stack with your choice of plugins and whatnot


Upcoming project/task management app. Sounds promising: resource allocation, tracking and reporting. Just what I need right now.

Launching Ruby on Rails projects, a checklist

Doesn’t just apply to Rails - great points, many of which are often forgotten in the rush to launch.


Rails issue tracking and repository browser

Elance - Outsourcing to freelance programmers, web

WriteMaps Site Map Application: Create, edit, and share your sitemaps online.