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Instagram's platform is a monolith built in Python/Django

…we have hundreds of engineers shipping hundreds of commits every day. We deploy those commits continuously, every seven minutes, typically deploying to production around a hundred times per day. We aim to keep less than an hour of latency between a commit landing in master and going live in production.

How to set up a perfect Python project

Template and best practices for Python development


Python Serverless Microframework for AWS


WebOb provides objects for HTTP requests and responses. Specifically it does this by wrapping the WSGI request environment and response status/headers/app_iter(body).


Python interface to Amazon Web Services

You should Heroku

Advocacy for bootstrapping with Heroku and avoiding sysadmin tasks for as long as you can

PHP, Perl, Python, Ruby -- side-by-side reference and cheat sheet


An object-document mapper to connect Python and MongoDB

Tornado Web Server

Facebook/FriendFeed’s open sourced web server framework that was built for non-blocking, open connections.

Snakes on the Web

Fascinating article that journeys from the beginnings of the web to present day Python/Django, concurrency and the pain of launching web apps in 2009.

The Django Book: Version 2.0 (English)

V2.0 of the book for V1.0 of Django

djng—a Django powered microframework

Still requires Django’s libraries, but doesn’t require or

web2py: Enterprise Web Framework

Python framework, now supported on Google App Engine

Big list of Django tips (and some python tips too)

How Django processes a request

Beej's Python Flickr API

Django cheat sheet

(updated for 1.0)


Capistrano-like deployment tool. Uses Python

Using Memcache with Google App Engine

Google App Engine tips and tricks