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Python Serverless Microframework for AWS


WebOb provides objects for HTTP requests and responses. Specifically it does this by wrapping the WSGI request environment and response status/headers/app_iter(body).


Python interface to Amazon Web Services

You should Heroku

Advocacy for bootstrapping with Heroku and avoiding sysadmin tasks for as long as you can

PHP, Perl, Python, Ruby -- side-by-side reference and cheat sheet


An object-document mapper to connect Python and MongoDB

Tornado Web Server

Facebook/FriendFeed’s open sourced web server framework that was built for non-blocking, open connections.

Snakes on the Web

Fascinating article that journeys from the beginnings of the web to present day Python/Django, concurrency and the pain of launching web apps in 2009.

The Django Book: Version 2.0 (English)

V2.0 of the book for V1.0 of Django

djng—a Django powered microframework

Still requires Django’s libraries, but doesn’t require or

web2py: Enterprise Web Framework

Python framework, now supported on Google App Engine

Big list of Django tips (and some python tips too)

How Django processes a request

Beej's Python Flickr API

Django cheat sheet

(updated for 1.0)


Capistrano-like deployment tool. Uses Python

Using Memcache with Google App Engine

Google App Engine tips and tricks

Using Django with Google App Engine

Using Google AppEngine for a Little Micro-Scalability

Useful code examples for Python/GAE with HTTP