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ruby/redis based recommendation engine (collaborative filtering)

i.e. if you like x here are recommendations based on others who also like x


Conditionally roll out features with redis and ruby


Query analysis tool for Redis, built by Instagram developers


ZooKeeper-based automatic master/slave failover solution for Redis in Ruby


Recommendify is a ruby/redis based recommendation engine. The recommendations can be updated/processed incrementally and on multiple hosts.

Redis: Zero to Master in 30 minutes - Part 1

rollout: Condionally roll out features with redis

Roll out features to specific users, groups. percentage of users, etc.

Radish: Dig Deep Into Redis

Redis analysis and monitoring service that uses a daemon to break down frequency of commands/keys/namespaces, averages, memory usage, etc.


Using node.js, backbone.js,, and redis to make a real time chat app

Redis tutorial, April 2010 - by Simon Willison

Redis cheat-sheet v1.0

A handy three-page document covering all of Redis’s commands and what they do

Redis in Practice: Who’s Online?

Using Redis sets to store a collection of user IDs for who’s online style functionality

How We Made GitHub Fast

Detailed description of GitHub’s new architecture