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6 Rules To Live By When You Work In An Office But Have Remote Team Members

How we make remote working work

Zapier's Ultimate Guide to Remote Work


Hire Freelancers & Get Freelance Jobs Online


A curated list of awesome remote jobs and resources. Inspired by

Writing Quality Third-Party JS

i.e. JavaScript to run on clients’ sites

The Remote Manifesto

11 Tools We Use at Ghost for Distributed Teams & Digital Nomads

Floobits: Cross-editor real-time collaboration

Pair progamming via Google Hangouts and real-time editing

Ninja Blocks

“Internet of things” - sensors and switches with internet connectivity

How to Work Remotely as a Software Developer

Why We (Still) Believe in Working Remotely


Control your Mac with an iPhone, iPad or iPod. Keyboard, multi-touch trackpad and remote


Global remote testing for functional, security, load, localisation and usability.

Managing Heroku deployments

Multiple Heroku remotes, backups for rolbacks and auto tagging of deployments.


Mac iTunes mini controller with scrobbling, themes and a companion iPhone app for controlling playback of music (reverse Remote)

On Working Remotely

Real-time chat, video/voice, persistent mailing list, Monday meetings with minutes

Remote scripting with javascript

Ajax won’t let you request from a remote server; script src= isn’t locked down so you can simply dynamically add scripts periodically. Useful for heartbeats and monitoring

Amazon Web Services EC2 Ruby Gem


Mac VNC client that Rui Carmo rates