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'Smartphone by default' internet users

A qualitative research report conducted by ESRO for Ofcom


A collection of templates, documents, and results from our user research at Known

Charlie App

Charlie combs through 100s of sources and automatically sends you a one‐pager on everyone you’re going to meet with, before you see them

When and Where Are People Using Mobile Devices?

Includes comparison vs desktop use

ForeSee Results

Surveys, feedback, customer experience analytics. Used by the Guardian.

The Fold | WeeNudge

Research and evidence dispelling the hoary old myth over page folds. Part of a family of good sacred cow slaying resources.

Apple iPad User Analysis

Uses demographic info that Yahoo! knows to profile iPad early adopters. Summary: mostly male, 30-54, with an iPhone.

Create with Context - How people really use the iPhone

Interesting to see how even expert users are confused - I’ve made a few of these mistakes too

Google Zeitgeist 2007

A List Apart: Articles: Findings From the Web Design Survey (2007)

Show Numbers as Numerals When Writing for Online Readers (Jakob Nielsen's Alertbox)

I suppose Jakob’s right, but I’m not sure I’d ever feel comfofrtable beginning a sentence with a numeral.