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iPad Air 2 Review: Why the iPad Became My Main Computer

App Store Review Guidelines

List of Roger Ebert's favourite films


Gerrit is a web based code review system, facilitating online code reviews for projects using the Git version control system.

The Best Designed iPhone Apps

Screenshots and descriptions of beautiful iPhone apps

iPhone’s Missing Feed Reader

Round up and reviews of iPhone feed readers, including my choice Byline

Review Board

Code review tool by VMware devs. Review diffs and comment/discuss

Dating Toolbox: 120 Sites For Singles To Find Love

Posted back in April, but still useful. Includes Singles365 and

Hivelogic - The Laptop Bag

Recommendations on small laptop bags


UK-based social review site, by Blue Flavor

Rail Spikes: My First Rails App

Worst practices noted after reviewing the author’s first few Rails apps – The smarter way to find local businesses

Great UK based (London first) community review thing finding directory site