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Create A Landing Page With Google Spreadsheets, Sinatra, and Ruby

RubyKaigi 2017

Playlist of videos from the conference


Create immutable Ruby objects


Ruby bindings to libgit2

Happy Bear Software

Rails agency recommended by Andrew McDonough:

Using JSON in Postgres with Ruby and Sequel

With its fast, built-in support for JSON, it’s worth considering Postgres for storing and querying your JSON data. Instead of using a specialised document server, Postgres may be the right choice for your application.

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A super efficient Amazon SQS thread based message processor for Ruby

Ruby Grape

An opinionated framework for creating REST-like APIs in Ruby


A collection of awesome Ruby libraries, tools, frameworks and software


An opinionated toolkit for writing excellent APIs in Ruby

Liked Nate Berkopec Nate Berkopec’s post on Twitter


Sign in (or up) with Google for Rails applications – Ruby gem by DHH

Liked Shane Becker Shane Becker’s post on Twitter
The microformats Ruby parser has been completely rewritten and is almost completely spec compliant.


Secure random number generation for Ruby using system RNG facilities

Adding code highlight to your Sinatra app with Rouge

Sequel cheatsheet

RSpec::Core Cheat Sheet


Ruby wrapper for the Spotify Web API


Generate PDFs in Ruby

Becoming a contractor programmer in the UK