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Fraud/spam prevention tools that originate from Facebook/Instagram teams

Stand-up comedian stringing along an online dating scammer


Rack middleware for blocking and throttling

Sift Science

Fraud tool that monitors traffic in real time to detect fraudulent activity


EFF backed project that uses a combination of the standard public data reported by your browser to create a trackable fingerprint, even if cookies are disabled.

evercookie - virtually irrevocable persistent cookies

Uses a combination of cookies, LSOs (Flash), Silverlight Isolated Storage, web history, cache, etc. to create a lasting persistent “cookie”. Not sure how permanent this will be but could be useful.

Suspension, Ban or Hellban?

Killer idea to deceive scammers/trolls in a community. Hellbanning = invisible to other members but they believe they’re still active; Slowbanning = deliberate pageload delays introduced to frustrate them; Errorbanning = random error/http pages.


Reverse image search - useful for spotting scammers or copyrighted image library photos. Free for personal use (Firefox plugin) or commercial pricing for the API

Crisp Thinking

Behavioural analysis to combat fraud, scammers and spam - NetModerator

Single Britons being duped by West African gangs on dating websites

Telegraph story on scammers on online dating sites

Anti-pattern recognition

Jeremy’s crusade against the password anti-pattern continues. I fully agree.

iovation Partners with ID Insight

Address verification can now be combined with device checks. I wonder if this will be wrapped up in one call?

41st Parameter

Internet Fraud Management, Detection and Prevention. Alternative to iovation?